Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Bamboo Stands

Model railway supplies are frequently a great place to find scenery pieces for wargaming. A while back I happened across a Chinese seller on eBay that did plastic bamboo plant packs that looked spot on for creating scenery for Bushido.

  • Plastic bamboo.
  • Blue Styrofoam.
  • Black paint.
  • PVA glue.
  • Basing sand.
  • Sepia calligraphy ink.
  • A4 card suitable for passing through a printer (optional).
First step is to cut the Styrofoam up into irregular shapes for the bamboo stands. I bevelled the edges to reduce the apparent thickness of the terrain pieces.

As the blue will show through the texturing step later on, the next step is just to paint the pieces with black acrylic paint.

As the finished bamboo stand wasn't going to have space to place models in it, I decided to create area templates when model placement was going to be an issue. So I printed out a bamboo pattern onto some A4 card, traced round the bases and cut them out. I did it at this point while the edges of the Styrofoam were easier to trace.

Next was gluing sand to the to the terrain. I used neat PVA glue and an old brush. Once the top surface is covered in PVA, basing sand is poured over the glue until it is completely covered.

Once the glue is dry then the pieces are ready for the inking step. I use calligraphy ink for this. Just treat the ink like paint and use an old brush as the sand will be hard on the bristles.

Once the ink is dry it's time to add the bamboo.

The plastic bamboo I got has a wire core, which is going to make attaching it to the terrain piece pretty easy. All I did was strip the plastic off of the bottom 1/4" or so and stick the stripped end into the Styrofoam of the base piece.

Finally I went with a scattering of leaf litter material glued on with neat PVA.

If you want to try this yourself a quick search on eBay for "plastic bamboo scenery" should find what you need. For the other bits and pieces I can recommend where you'll find all sorts of useful bits and pieces for terrain, there's plenty of eBay sellers too.

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