Tuesday, 1 March 2016

New Traits list PDF and DIY special attack and defence cards

Things have gotten to the point where faction specific traits lists are not really that helpful for the established factions. A large proportion of the traits are present in faction, not to mention I'm getting less inclined to go through the new cards to catch the new traits per faction. So I've moved over to a single generic traits reference sheet. Everything still fits on 2 sides of A4.

You can find the new traits list here

I've also made up a set of DIY special attack and defence cards.


You will need to download both PDFs to get the complete set.

Friday, 6 November 2015

First Game, First Impressions!

First Game, First Impressions!

So last night I had my first game of Bushido at Dundee Wargames against John Sinclair who ran me through the basics of how to play!  I was genuinely surprised just how much I enjoyed the game once I got to grips with the basics and realised how tactically involved the game play was.

We opted to keep things very simple for the purposes of learning the basics of movement and combat so we only used the starter sets from Tengu and the Ryu.  The game was a straight up kill your opponent and take the glory.

The Board during deployment.

Further Deployment

Ryu moving up, Minuro takes a shot and does 5 damage to Kotenbo!

Combat Begins!

Due to some very nice rolling on my part (for once), the Tengu were wiped out and I lost a Nameless Yari.  Great introduction game from John who helped me out A LOT and was learning the ropes with his stunning new warband.

Best bits?

The Game as a whole is great.  Considering we had 5 characters each on a 2x2, it felt huge and was a lot of fun.  It’s very tactically orientated in the sense of who to activate and when, watching you don’t get out numbered or worse exhausted too quickly.  Ki management is also crucial as I discovered with my Samurai who cleaved some poor sod in two.

But the best bit is melee attacking for me.  When you attack, you roll however many dice your character has minus or plus modifiers.  But before rolling, you allocate that amount of dice to Attack or Defence as your opponent is also attacking/defending against you.  So if you go all out and roll 3 attack and he rolls 2 defence and 1 attack, they can still defend your attack and then score an undefended attack against you!  Really nice mechanic there.

Bushido is very daunting to begin with.  Lots to learn throughout, especially synergy between models, but once you get in to it... it's brilliant and really good fun.

So overall I had a great nights gaming and I'm looking to get cracking on the painting soon!

Thanks for reading and thanks to John for teaching me Bushido!


Monday, 2 November 2015

Scenario Objectives

Bought these off eBay for an absolute bargain price of £3.49 delivered! 

Standing at 3cm tall and coming in a box of 6 with a variety of poses makes them ideal for using in Bushido!

Colour wise I plan to paint 3 of them bright gold and 3 of them as a grey broken stone with moss to give variety to games.

Late Post!

The Starter Kits Arrived!

Apologies for the lack of posting from myself as I've been enjoying 2 weeks off work!

The Starter kits came a during my break, and as you can see from the previous posts from John, he's already well on with his own set!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Tengu Descension ready to hit the table

The Tengu Descension has begun with my first batch of miniatures for the faction completed.

Hokibo and Kotenbo

Scout of the Blue Gale, Tarobo and Zenkibo

Nuniq and Talirikug

Now they need to hit the table so I can learn how they play. Hopefully soon.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Making a start on the Tengu

That's me cleared my historical Bushido painting backlog (I've been playing a while and have Savage Wave and Temple of Rokan forces). So now I'm able to make a proper start on my Tengu.

There are couple of extras to the starter which should allow me to get near to 50 rice by a few routes (though I suspect I won't be able to hit 50 dead on without the special card pack for the Tengu, there's always something more to get in this game...).

The extras are Hokibo (the big one in the centre) and a scout of the blue gale (on the extreme left).

As I finish them I'll post more images.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Bamboo Stands

Model railway supplies are frequently a great place to find scenery pieces for wargaming. A while back I happened across a Chinese seller on eBay that did plastic bamboo plant packs that looked spot on for creating scenery for Bushido.

  • Plastic bamboo.
  • Blue Styrofoam.
  • Black paint.
  • PVA glue.
  • Basing sand.
  • Sepia calligraphy ink.
  • A4 card suitable for passing through a printer (optional).
First step is to cut the Styrofoam up into irregular shapes for the bamboo stands. I bevelled the edges to reduce the apparent thickness of the terrain pieces.

As the blue will show through the texturing step later on, the next step is just to paint the pieces with black acrylic paint.

As the finished bamboo stand wasn't going to have space to place models in it, I decided to create area templates when model placement was going to be an issue. So I printed out a bamboo pattern onto some A4 card, traced round the bases and cut them out. I did it at this point while the edges of the Styrofoam were easier to trace.

Next was gluing sand to the to the terrain. I used neat PVA glue and an old brush. Once the top surface is covered in PVA, basing sand is poured over the glue until it is completely covered.

Once the glue is dry then the pieces are ready for the inking step. I use calligraphy ink for this. Just treat the ink like paint and use an old brush as the sand will be hard on the bristles.

Once the ink is dry it's time to add the bamboo.

The plastic bamboo I got has a wire core, which is going to make attaching it to the terrain piece pretty easy. All I did was strip the plastic off of the bottom 1/4" or so and stick the stripped end into the Styrofoam of the base piece.

Finally I went with a scattering of leaf litter material glued on with neat PVA.

If you want to try this yourself a quick search on eBay for "plastic bamboo scenery" should find what you need. For the other bits and pieces I can recommend http://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/ where you'll find all sorts of useful bits and pieces for terrain, there's plenty of eBay sellers too.